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Thrift stores always do well because there are always people who need them. The worse things get the more people will use them! This is a business model that will survive until the day when no one has any means of buying anything pretty much. As a teen I was hip on the latest men’s fashions and spent many pays just buying cloths. For years I wore a suit and tie and had to look like a million dollars even if I was flat broke but then I learned I didn’t have to have the most expensive suit, in fact the more I looked like I needed money, the more I made.

I would look representable but my shoes would be old and well worn, I never polished my work shoes. That’s when my tips were always the best. If I had nice, expensive and shinny shoes the tips always dropped. Rule # 1 Never dress better than your customers and expect to make sales or tips. Now days I just like to be comfortable and admit many of my cloths are 20 years old, I could care less about fashion or what people think. Sweats and a hoodie, perfect attire for me. I guess I never spent enough time being poor because I never shopped the thrift stores for myself even when I was homeless. (Long story) When I did start and shop the thrift stores was when I got into photography.

The unique clothing, grad dresses and wedding dresses available for cheap at the thrift stores are awesome and so was the selection. Buy them cheap, clean them and use them, if they got damaged torn reused or repurposed into another outfit. It mattered little. You could use a dress 3 sizes too big with a clamp in the back holding it tight and no one would notice in the photo. It could be ripped on one side and that’s ok if you could hide it. As long as people weren’t too fussy there was a lot you could do with them. Some would want to take the material and make something totally different, I’m always game for that.

If something was reusable it could be donated to the thrift store but if not it could also be turned into rags, everyone needs rags. As a matter of fact I’ve seen some expensive hand quilted blankets made from facecloths or rags. My mother used to use face cloths all the time and everyone loved her work. I believe some of the items bought at the thrift shop are worn as is and many are re-purposed. Good’s such as household items and books for some reason are priced almost as if they were brand new. That to me makes no sense but what do I know. I admitted I never even shopped there for many years.

Overall I believe a thrift store is always a good idea, just because you never wear something doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t. There should be more of this in our world today we don’t have the same values as our grandparents. They lived threw the depression and got value form everything they had or could get no mater the shape it was in. That’s where the phrase (I have nothing to wear to such an occasion). Not from some spoiled little princess with 3 closets full of nothing to wear!

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