The Benefits Of Writing!

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Rule # 1 Never underestimate an opportunity when you have one!

The Benefits Of Being A writer.

The benefits of writing are many… An extra $100.00 or more per month (per book) sounds good and it is realistic! (Imagine getting paid, for work you have already finished). Excuse me; I was wondering if you would pay me again, for the last months work I did? That’s never going to happen with a regular job!  

How about $100.00 – $500.00 per month for a ‘how to course’ that you assembled in less than a month, or two that’s nothing to sneeze at either.

(How to: Cook like a master chef) (Volume 1, First Edition). By stating it’s volume 1 you can market future courses to buyers as well as market past courses to future customers. By starting it’s the first edition you are saying, this book/course will be updated as required. All of these examples are realistic and can be done.  Joe asks this question… If you had a regular job and you knew you could increase your salary, up to $500.00 or more every month by doing a little extra part-time work, would you?

If you had 20 books or courses out there after a few years making you $2,500 – $3,500 a month without doing anything else, just making books and courses parttime. Would you be as concerned about income as you are today? Let’s say, you took sick and couldn’t work for a while or got laid off, would it matter as much, if you had that extra income? If you were making that much or more on the side would even work or would you just concentrate on other projects that will make you more money, over and over with less work than your real job? Would you still be concerned at that point if the ads & links on your website were making any money, or if they were even there for that matter?

Someone might argue, I’m not a writer and I don’t know anything I can teach anyone! Nothing, zip, nata! They might until, they learn that a very popular video on Youtube is ‘How to close a door’ The funniest bit I ever saw in comedy was ‘How to wash your hair’. Now we plant the seed… The #1 video on Youtube for how to tie a tie, it has over 48 million views! Do you know how many people do NOT know how to build a proper camp fire? Survival Videos are very popular too! How to teach a kid to the do chores and all their homework right after school! (Change the wifi password each morning and not let them have it until everything is done). Pretty simple yet a popular struggle among parents.

You can’t tell me you can’t teach anyone, anything! There are and thousands of things and millions of ideas! Surely there is a course to be taught about something. How to build a really cool kids fort with wood or snow. How to knit. How to earn extra money as a kid… Mowing lawns, shoveling walks, raking the grass, baby sitting, house sitting, pet walking, stocking the general store, helping on a neighbors farm, cleaning basements & garages, Collecting pop bottles, delivering news papers, selling Avon or novelty products, working at the flea market or local arena. How to design and make cloths. I could fill a book with ideas, speaking of which, carry a note book and jot down ideas as they come to you!

Meet Joe:

Joe works a low paying job because he’s old, and it’s hard for him to find decent work. His back isn’t as strong as it was when he was younger, and labor jobs are out of the question. The problem is that Joe has the same bills he had before he got laid off from his long time union job and now he can barely make ends meet. He has loads of knowledge but physically, he’s challenged. He is deemed by many as unemployable! One thing this job has taught him is the less you get paid, the more they expect to get out of you, and they expect you to be a grateful little slave too! That’s the problem when big corporations take over everything.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in Joe’s shoes. Finally, Joe decided he needed a new pair of shoes because the ones he have been taking him down the wrong darn road! He had to find a way to change the direction of his life! A second job wasn’t the answer because most of that money just would go to taxes, gas, and lunch money, leaving him even more tired and almost, as broke. Joe knows, there’s no way he’s getting a raise, he asked already. He was indeed concerned but clever, he knew he would find a way.

Many companies are cutting hours at “REAL” jobs, most are usually below 20 hours per week. They are doing this so they don’t have to pay benefits. With 2 parttime jobs, you are not taxed as heavily as with one fulltime job until the end of the year. This gives you the false impression you are making more than you are because your take-home pay is too high. Many employees are suddenly left owing taxes when filing income tax and they thought enough was being deducted automatically. This just leaves people deeper in debt.

Since many of these jobs are only offer 15 hours a week, some people are finding they have to work 3 jobs, just to make ends meet. This is a real nightmare! You have to juggle between what hours you can work and where, You loose travel time, spend more on transportation, almost every meal is fast food. Much of your down time is wasted between jobs instead of resting or relaxing. This is the unhealthy future we are heading for and it can only lead to disaster.

Picking thru the options:

Joe, heard you could make money by writing, he is not a writer but, he was willing to give it a try. When writing there are several options available, he could write a book but he had never done that, and it would take a while before he would generate any revenue. He could start a blog but he needed the money for hosting, domain names, and it takes time, 6 months to a year for a blog to get real traffic, and 18 – 24 months to start making any real money. Unless you’re really popular and really good at promoting!

He also knew the methods which bloggers use, to make money was grossly misrepresented and to say the least, exaggerated. Sometimes grossly over exaggerated and sometimes grossly under exaggerated! Bloggers don’t actually make much on the blog itself. They make money because of both the blog and how many people the blog reaches. It also depends on how many your Youtube channel reaches, how many you reach on social media. Even then, it will depend on how many, if any engage with the information you provide. How good your content, and do you get much response?  

These ideas take too much time to help. Joe was considering writing because he needed money fast! He decided to do a little freelance writing part time. Advertisers, and marketer’s are always looking for freelance writers. As are magazines, blogs, and now big corporations are getting into blogging too. There is lots of freelance and copyright work available even with newspapers, where you could work from home and make a good steady income, if you were any good.

As long as he did his research and wrote factual, interesting content, he could do this, make a good income, and usually in less hours than a part time job would require. Writing creates less hassles too… Being self employed you don’t pay the taxes until the end of the year which leaves more money to help out immediately, and time to bank for those nasty taxes later.

Finding the time:

Joe gives up a little TV / social media time, and starts writing as luck would have it, he was kind of a natural writer. Don’t get me wrong in the beginning he stumbled, it seemed much of his first material ended up on the editing room floor, (deleted). It cost him time to learn his craft, but that’s what leaves you a better finished product. You start with a 1st draft, a 2nd draft, and edit it a few times, in the end you have material worthy of submitting. He was relentless!

Any author will tell you it hurts to write 10,000 words and delete 1/2 of them. You delete less as you gain experience. Reusable, material is removed and saved for future articles, but the bulk is just discarded. The main problem with freelance work is that it can be the best work of your life and someone else can take full credit for it. They are paying you, therefore, they own it. You have no rights. It’s like being a cabinet maker, either you own the company or you are a paid employee and can’t claim your work as your own. If you are a photographer and paid by the hour, the company owns every image!

Joe freelances for a while and saves a little, he gives up his crappy job and decides… Hey I’m going to do some ghost writing, maybe someone will pay me to write a book for them. Figuring that would be more interesting but, he couldn’t find anybody to hire him. He decided to continue freelancing but he would write his own book on the side. When it was released he started a blog, he got on his social media accounts and start cross promoting everything. Joe was very good at marketing, actually much better than he was a writer. People really liked Joe’s writing and the topics he chose.

A taste of reality!

Joe is stunned as to how much work it really is to write a book, even after all his freelance experience. A 10,000 word article is much harder than a 5,000 word piece, which again is killer hard compared to a quick blog post. He thinks… Dude, “there’s like, 50,000 – 100,000 words in a book” that all have to magically flow together seamlessly. He said, that ain’t never going to happen, It took a bit of time, but it did happen!

Actually it’s not that hard, an average person, in customer service probably speaks 30,000 words each day, (excluding swear words). That’s a guess, Google say’s the average person speaks 20,000 a day. What Google didn’t specify, is if it was males or females that talk that much ~? Eh, ‘Joe brought it up,’ get mad at him not the author of the book you are reading! Of course Joe is a fictions character, so good luck with that!

Everyone personally knows someone who can completely read 1 or 2 novels in a day.  When it comes to writing, Joe says, most people just give up too easily, it may take a month, a year or 5 years but everybody has a story to tell. All you have to do is share yours! When you complete a book, suddenly 5,000 word articles are easy as pie. It is a fact that before you do it 5000 words, just won’t flow together properly. Then 10,000 are impossible but soon 100,000 are a lot of work but the task can be completed. It’s all about challenges and afterward, your grammar/spelling improves, and smaller tasks like 10,000 words become very easy. Soon, a long, quality blog post can be written in a very short time.

Facing challenges:

Joe is not only a slow reader but he has to hunt and peck for the keys as well, he was born before computers or even electric typewriters but he still could freelance and write a book… Does this mean he doesn’t like writing because of his handicaps? No, Joe is an exceptional man who enjoys writing more because he accepts his challenges. In time he would discover some helpful tricks. There are many programs that will read text for you and they speed up the process immensely. There are also programs that will type as you speak but they make a lot of mistakes especially if you have a speech impediment or a lisp.

After completing his first book he figured out that he could write 1 million words on most subjects if he had to, because you break it down into chapters. That’s all you are really writing at once, one chapter, 6,000 words or less. Usually huge books like that are sold for manuals or educational courses and are much more expensive. Those type books often have a team of writers working on them. Writing on one alone means it will take much longer but you would make higher profits/commissions. Easy, peasy!

The after shock!

Joe really didn’t understand how professional writers do it, maybe they are better conversationalists. One thing he takes away from this whole experience is the amount of massive respect he now has for writers. OMG! They work, so hard! The second thing he will never question, or argue again is the price of a book!  Comparing the research and labor, books are way under priced. Way, way under priced in his eyes.

Those poor writers, have to make a living somehow, and it usually isn’t from writing sources alone, unless they have bionic fingers. Some pros get advances and a commission but self publishers… ‘Wow, they are like superheroes,’ devoting every spare moment, juggling all the crazy stuff they have going on. All so they can teach or entertain people, to make a few extra bucks each month. The advantage is, there are many ways a writer can make money if they are smart and creative!

The ouch factor:

Imagine finishing your first book and you’re as proud as a peacock, only to find out it really sucks! At least it sucks, compared to what your future productions will resemble. Most authors say, their first books, do suck. Not right after they finish it, they don’t admit it, it takes time for reality to kick in. Don’t give up! ‘It takes time to hone any craft!’ Most writers say: even their second and maybe their third book got rejected or if they were self published they didn’t sell very well. Not a problem because, we are talking about self publishing.

If you are self publishing, a rejected book can still be an advantage because:

  1. After you get a few books on the market, when one gets viewed other books by the same author will be suggested on Amazon.
  2. You don’t just throw your work away as you might with an uninterested publisher.
  3. Even if it did totally suck, it can be edited or partially re-written and sold.
  4. The more books you produce the stronger your social media is, the more established you are.
  5. The more established you are, the more referrals and repeat readers you get.
  6. The stronger hold you have on the market, the more people that will buy your earlier books as well.
  7. If someone enjoys or gets value from a book it is far more likely they will invest time and money to read more from the same author, including earlier books.

Having a blog helps because you can grow followers and fans based on your writing and topics. They will always be the first to buy your book because they like your work and know your writing style. If you check your blog stats you can tell what articles people are engaging in and write more on that subject. You can do a survey on your blog or ask people what type of articles they would like to see more of.  As you are writing you will have several rants that take you off topic, some may be as long as a chapter.

They are just the wrong material for that book, but you don’t stop while the juices are flowing, no, no bad writer! When you finish that rant the material is removed and saved as a blog post or material for another book. This offers readers fresh and different material besides something you would normally write. Who knows, maybe going off on random rants is your thing, and it will be what you have the most success with. You can always gather them up one day, publish them as famous rants by ‘YOUR NAME GOES HERE’.

Any book you write can be broken into chunks and made into blog posts or you can use select blog posts to help you write a book. People who know you from your blog & social media are also likely to be customers, if for no other reason than, out of curiosity, they know about you & what you do. People will but from people they feel they know and trust!


Fans and followers, likely follow you because you are either, entertaining or because they learn from you. Some master it, but few people are both, a teacher and a comic! Some will follow, because either you or them are psychotic, I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. One of the things you have to learn is personality or style. Writing is one thing but when dealing with social media, or main stream media, one has to present an image just as any  brand or corporation does. You are your own spokes person and that can be hard at first. Joe Sucks at making Youtube videos but he keeps trying and has hope he will improve.

If you are shy, or unpopular, try to think of going to a strange city where no one knows you, and you don’t care what they think. It’s like you can be sober but act the same as you would when you were drunk in your town, with that much confidence. Would you be different, the way you act, talk, react on a normal workday? Are you a different person singing in the shower or talking to yourself at home? That could be your alter ego, strangely that’s usually the one that’s most popular on social media. What is Joe talking about, haven’t you noticed the people on social media, some are pretty darn strange!

Blog advice

Joe has a few different blogs and when he writes articles he does so with the intent of using them in a book. He doesn’t want people to read his whole book for free, so he shares the chapters as articles over several blogs, most of which he has a different following. When he produces the book he goes back and states this article was published in (such & such book) and he ads a link to where they can buy it.

If he has 4 blogs all with a different following and he does a 16 chapter book. 4 chapters in no particular order are used on each blog. He gets to use almost every word for different purposes. Anyone reading the article knows Joe has a book and how they can get it. If people like the article there is a better chance they will buy the book. (They have already had the preview).


The financial return when you are self published is small compared to the effort. Where most people fail is they put tons of effort in writing and editing, then only a few ounces of effort in promoting their work, step that up! The good news is, it’s all passive income! “You can’t buy a rental property for the cost of self publishing 20 or 30 books”, you would be lucky to buy a decent car that runs. The cost is usually between $200.00 – $1,000.00 to publish a book including getting all the art work done. It’s practically free nowadays! The more you can do yourself the cheaper it will be. FYI editing is expensive part as is creating an audio copy.

Why is there a return lower on self published books even though you usually make more per book than in bookstores? (Effort). Many self published books sell less than 1,000 copies for few reasons.

  1. Because the book cover failed to attract buyers.
  2. Because the particular market is saturated or flooded.
  3. Because it was poorly written and had bad reviews.
  5. Nobody knew it was available or what it was about.

On the other hand some self publishers have sold well over 800,000 books! Just imagine a return of about 4.5 million dollars in just book sales. So what if it’s not on one book, but several, that’s still a hell of a return! Here is a really good article to read. It actually inspired Joe, and he’s a grumpy old fart with no energy! Enjoy!

Publishers will have posters and big displays in bookstores, outdoor advertising, and ads in the media as well as getting a author to cross the country doing TV and radio talk shows followed up by book signings in each city. They also use social media in every way they can. They want that book to be on the New York’s best sellers list, they want return on investment!Self publishers are often lazy… well, It’s out there now let’s see if anyone buys it. Hardly anybody will buy it, if they don’t know about it!

Getting noticed:

Let’s not be ridiculous, you can’t afford all of that promotion. A self publisher usually publishes on Amazon, posts on face book, a few tweets, maybe post the cover image on pinterest and instagram. Very few will even make a Youtube promo video. If you are going to put in all that effort into creating it. You have to promote it, tell people about your product so they can experience it! Get them as excited as you were when you wrote it! Blast all forms of social regularly. Although you don’t have the big budget, you can call several local radio stations and tv stations and ask to get on the morning shows, if you do it right, yes you’ll get on. Next step, rinse and repeat in the nearest larger cities.

‘Hi I’m Joe – ‘what’s his name’, the reason I’m calling is I just released a book called, “Make Crazy Money” It’s a self help book. It comes with my famous (36) month money back guarantee. I was wondering if I offered 5 free autographed copies for your viewers… Is there was any way I could get on your news, morning show next week when I’m in town and promote my book for a few minutes’.

It’s that easy, local radio & TV will support local people, unless there is something really big going on, they are always looking for guests for their morning news programs. It’s a little work but it’s free advertising, with a large audience! If you publish with Amazon those 5 free books will cost you less than $20.00, not bad! Spend $20 and a little gas and sell your butt off! If you don’t want to make the call have the local newspaper do a story and maybe the radio and TV people might call and invite you anyways but your chances are much smaller, almost zero.

Promote all you can:

With your first book,  you can visit a few cities close to you and repeat that process. If you’re selling books and making money, Take a short vacation from work while the book is hot and hit the cities in the next state and boost it further, do book signings in every city. You can do a book signing at bookstores and libraries if need be set up a table at the flea market and also sell autographed copies at a discount. If you do the flea market, do different locations each week. Have posters made for these events, they’re cheap! CDBABY will make 400 large color posters for about $200.00

 If you sell a book on Amazon you for $32.95 you can buy it for less than $4.00 and sell it for $14.99. The more books you sell, the more people will talk about it and the more Amazon will push it, they promote based on sales! If you’re buying for less than $5 and Selling for $15 for every 1 you sell you can buy 3 more to sell! Good profit!

With your first 4 or 5 books you will likely still be working full time so you are limited as to what you can do. Here’s a hint, Los Angeles & New York City have the highest populations in the USA Imagine how many readers you could reach if you could visit one of those cities and get some publicity! Joe’s Canadian and thinking about a rush trip to the big apple, there are some very artsy people in NYC, which usually means avid readers too!

Step it up:

If you have an educational or self-help book ask if the English or business department will let you do a lecture at the university and record it to post on Youtube, Writing a book can make you a authority on a subject, but lecturing can lead to keynote speaking and conferences (big bucks). Not to mention how many potential customers you reach personally at once, be sure to offer a short Q & A session afterwards. With any luck you can give short answers and say I go into more detail in the book or say, yes I cover that in great detail in my book. Did I mention I have some signed, discounted copies available at the table in the back.

By the time you have 5 or 10 books published on the same subject that are selling well, you should be planning a short leave from work and doing a cross country tour. At least a semi cross country tour. Use some of your book royalties and take full advantage of every stop. Because you announce it as a cross country or international book tour you will get more media attention and could even have a chance of getting on talk shows! You are committing to take action therefore will be taken more seriously.

You can’t buy that kind of exposure, but a bonus would be doing guest lectures at universities as you travel. The lectures will make you creditable and give any media exposure more impact! If you suck at the first few, think of all the practice you can get on a cross country tour, you’ll be a pro by the end of the tour! At least try and lecture at the major schools as you travel. A statement like: He/She spoke at Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, NYU, and UCLA and countless other University’s carries a lot of weight with it. You talk about a great way to suddenly show creditability for what you do, that’s it! Just because you have recorded one lecture for Youtube, doesn’t mean you can’t record several lectures and post them all!

Create buzz anyway you can, don’t forget to take the time for newspaper interviews in each city. You can meet them when you book lunch, you’re still going to have to eat. If you get to the stage of a cross country tour but can’t afford a international tour don’t sweat it if you hit this stage of a writing career, you won’t be working that same old job you were when you started. The way Joe looks at it is when ever he gets laid off, he looks for work and spends 8 – 12 hours a day working on building a project that will later pay him money for years into the future or he spends 1/2 the day building a product and 1/2 promoting what he is doing.

So how do you do a book tour?

It starts with a lot of planning, at first you are staying local so usually by car, If Joe was doing a cross country tour the first time, he’d go Gray Hound and make sure he could use his lap top while traveling. He would only hit the major city’s because bus tickets are more expensive town to town than traveling a long distance. The exception would be if he could buy a unlimited stop ticket to travel cross country otherwise stopping at several towns could cost $5000 – $10,000 (don’t do it)!

Second time or doing a North American tour, he’d be looking at a small RV where he could relax, write, even shower, and eat. He’d have a driver do the driving so he could be working or resting. When you stopped the driver could rest or be the Camera man for your videos. Maximize production, maximize earnings.  If he wanted to stop and take some photos along the way he would. Why rush, do it once, do it right, get the biggest bang for your buck! An international tour is much less casual.

If Joe was in Alaska and needed to be in LA or New York for a talk show he’d fly down and back, then carry on with the tour. You never turn down or miss a talk show, they may never ask you again! A lot of people don’t realize that today you can make yourself famous and richer just through self promotion.

The problem I have with many successful  self promoters is many tend to show off or are very conceded, don’t be like that! Everybody loves someone who is popular and yet down to earth. With social media and personal drive, there are no limits on what you can do, but don’t drag it out so long, that the buzz dies mid stream, it’s a well planed balancing act. Tip: Don’t pack things together so tight, your overloaded with stress. Stress sucks!

Another, more expensive option is to fly and just hit all the major cities. When you go with a publishing company, they give you that first push and grant you it’s a big push. After that, they are on to the next author. You as a self-published author can propel yourself to great heights, even exposing yourself more than a publisher would. You can still write while on the road and you don’t have another client to promote! Be a good self-promoter!

Did I mention pod-casting?

I didn’t but it’s a great way of reaching people and building a following. Pod-casts are getting more popular daily, because instead of listening to the commercials on the radio young people are downloading music and information pod-casts they can listen to in there cars, while jogging, at work, and other areas of their lives, commercial free. Some of the podcasters I know of basically have their own radio talk show with a huge following. Joe hasn’t done podcasting but he’s going to start, if nothing else it’s good practice for doing videos, public speaking, lectures or presentations. Finally something you can do, relax, enjoy and not worry about it until you start to have results. Face it in the beginning people won’t even be able to find your podcasts.

Show me the money:

Self Publishing royalties from a book or a course keep rolling in, years after the work is finished, and you have already created more projects, books, courses, products, et cetera. Don’t you wish your boss would pay you for years, repeatedly after doing just 30 days worth of work? Oh, that’s right, real jobs don’t work that way. Makes you think though doesn’t it? With decent social media promotion, a book can make the author up to $100.00 per month, per book. With good promotion much more, with great promotion, Joe says you can do very well.  

With a little hard work you could make $100.00 – $500.00 per month, (per book). With a cross country tour, pretty much the sky’s the limit, but the book has to be good! The book ‘The 4 hour work week’ a self-help book by Timothy Ferriss was published in April 2007. It’s been published in almost every country and in almost every language with several updates and revisions. People are still talking about it today.

If you haven’t read it Joe strongly recommends it, he owns a audio version as well as the paperback! He has recommended the book to all of his friends. As you can see he also recommended it to all of his readers too! That Joe, he’s pretty sneaky sometimes. This is (NOT) a paid advertisement for Timothy Ferriss or the 4 hour work week, it’s a free and honest endorsement! Joe really did get serious value from it and he really liked the style in which it was written.

The way Joe explains book tours is if you can write or be productive while on the way to promoting something then you are winning twice as fast as you could be sitting still and being productive. It’s all about using your time wisely. If he has problems being creative he will have a nap in an comfortable chair, wake up fresh and go again. He admits he has at least one happy time nap per day and it always pays off. He also finds he works better at night when others are sleeping.


If you are going to do something – Do it right!

Joe took 3 hours of his time and built this graphic from nothing using over 25 layers, but he put some effort into it. It expressed how he felt on that day! This graphic received more social media attention on all platforms than any graphics, posts or videos he ever shared. He was very shocked! Hundreds of likes, several comments, several shares, and several new subscribers. He’d say, it’s because he put my heart into it!

Be professional, this isn’t as big an issue with books as it is courses. Most people don’t write a book and run down to staples and print off all the pages and try and sell it as a actual book they get it published properly and professionally. Yet they will say, hey, I know it all, look at me I cheaply recorded video and threw together this tacky course and put it up on Udemy please buy it, you can download it for $13.00 or free for the next 30 days! To offer 7 professional recorded videos, 1 cd and 2 books along with professional promotional posters, and 4 bonus gifts, all done as well as any infomercial you ever seen. 50 copies of each will cost $2600, 100 copies of each for $3500, the more you do the cheaper they are.

NOTE: This is the book is part of our ‘Make Crazy Money (The Course)’ along with 11DVD’s, 1 CD, 1 book, and 5 Bonus Gifts. The course will be released shortly after the book. The material in the course is not ‘all’ the same as the book and vice versa, however, the course is based on the book.

If you were to buy 50 copies the cost of a DVD is usually about $300 – $4.00, a CD usually $3.50 – $4.50 and a book can be between $5.00 and $10 per copy. Professionally done you could make your own infomercial for the course and upload it to Youtube. Offer it for sale on your website as either a physical product for $99.00 or a downloadable course for $49.00 or $199 and $99 your choice, just don’t price yourself off the market. All you need spend is the $2600 to do it right, and make 10 times more when you sell it! If you sell out you can order more but you will sell more physical copies and digital copies from your website than has ever been done. WHY? Nobody does it this way, and because it’s professional!

People use these cheesy landing pages and try and suck people in but that seldom works, and the people who do buy this way find the quality of the course is generally the same quality in which they presented it, crappy. You only get one chance to make a first impression don’t make your work look like it should be in the bargain bin! The way Joe would promote such a course is with a professional Youtube infomercial pushing sales to Udemy for digital sales at a higher rate. Nobody is going to put any real amount of work into a $13.00 course! On his websites in the sidebar he would also have the video embedded on each site. To round out exposure, he’d promote in several ways daily on different social media.

Joe knows, if his name is on the package, he’s going to make every effort to make it professional inside and out. So what if it takes you 3 times longer to make, if your making more by having a quality product! You can also bundle the package and sell it on click bank where someone else will make the profit, but you did the work and paid all the expenses!

Selling digital products on Udemy once you have a professional presentation, will be easier, you can ask for more money and get it because it wasn’t just thrown together! People from Youtube will go to a popular website like Udemy and buy at a higher price because they saw your presentation. You can always sell off the physical copies at the flea market along with signed books you have released, or gift them to friends.

You could also use them as giveaways to get on a talk show, I’ll offer one free autographed copy of my new book and one complete advanced course for your audience if you can squeeze me in. Once you’re there (to talk about your book) you know they are going to ask about the course! There are tons of ways to do things you just have to work out what best works for you! Sell the physical products locally at cost just to raise funds for your next project or recap your investment. You could also hold on to them for a while and sell then off as a limited collection (Only 50 physical copies ever produced).

Painting With Light!


* If you are going to be a photographer be the best, and never show your worst work. This process is called painting with light and done in total darkness. One of the many things, I will be teaching in my upcoming photography courses.


As you can see writing and doing projects, could be a very profitable hobby.

Joe knows when he looks for hobbies, he often, look for ones he can learn easily and that will one day could replace his crappy Job!  You may ask is it worth it and Joe will explain, why it most defiantly is… With 10 books and decent promotion you may make between $1,000 – $2000 per month for up to 5 years without updating it.

Quick, do the math, that’s less than a years writing for 5 years wages. Plus it wouldn’t take him more than a month to update all 10 books and they could be selling another 5 years! Basically let’s say you did 1 year… (full time writing including updates) which could equal up to 10 years of income. You’re not going to find a 9 – 5 job where you can work 1 year and take 9 years off with pay!

How to write a book:

(The easiest way)

The number one way is to have it ghost written but then if you do that… It’s not really your book, is it? A guy like Joe would feel a little guilt taking credit for something he didn’t actually do. He has seen this done and where the people go to conferences admitting that not only did someone else write their books but someone else also writes all their blog posts too.

Basically they don’t do any of the work themselves except promotions, but at least they do openly admit it, in public, and on their Youtube videos. Although Joe is sure in the beginning, they were not that open about it. They never would have gotten their career off the ground otherwise.

Most people that have a book ghost written are not that honest in Joe’s mind, many will take full credit for someone else’s work thinking it’s ok because they paid the person. This reminds Joe of the boss that passes his co-workers work off as their own. This behavior is hard to justify, because to him it’s morally it’s wrong !

A better method:

A smarter and nicer method of doing it might be to have someone write the book, review it suggest changes along the way and give the author two choices 1) you pay them and that’s it or 2) they can have their name on the co-written book and share in the profits even though you will be promoting it for them.

The practical way:

The second easiest way is to start a blog even if you never make a dime off the website or you keep the blog private, but you are achieving your goal. Write every entry with intent, that you will edit and use each and every post or article.

You would start by making every post either a full chapter or half chapter that will be going into the book and you could do a little each evening or on your days off. 12  – 24 chapters usually equal 1 book. Some chapters will be bigger, and some smaller, a few books will require more chapters. How often you post on a blog doesn’t matter, what matters is that you keep working towards your goals and that you continue the practice at least once weekly.

Let’s say you can only write on the weekend, and you can write 2 or 3 articles/chapters and schedule them to post automatically over the course of the week! WordPress is awesome for that! You can do the same for social media if you desire, posting automatically, there are programs for that too.

Protecting your work:

Some of you really wouldn’t want people visiting and getting your hard work for free so you could delete the posts after publishing them or in the WordPress options just check/uncheck where it asks if you want search engines to index your website.

If your blog is popular or you want it to be, skip those options about protecting the material and at the end of each post just announce that the article is included is used in your book and provide a link where they can buy it. With the last option you are generating sales. Remove some posts so they can’t get the whole book free, just a taste of it.

COPY RIGHT – Once you publish something on your website it is time stamped and it should stand up in court. Rather than delete it if you don’t want people to see it after it is published you can just un-publish it and it will be available to repost should you ever need that time stamp thingy. You can also print the manual script and mail it to yourself in a large envelope and keep the unopened copy in a safe. (Should you ever have to go to court).

(The cheater version)

An ebook with 30,000 or less words will almost always be a poor seller. There are guys on Youtube encouraging people to search the internet copy and paste material and produce ebooks with 20,000 words or less, to sell cheaply like $1.99 or $2.99 on Amazon to generate some cash flow. Please, don’t do that, not only is it illegal, it’s immoral, but you will damage your reputation. People generally don’t buy these ebooks anymore because they are usually of poor quality and many people know how they are made.

Publishing Advice: (30,000 words or less)

Personally, Joe couldn’t imagine doing a book with only 30.000 words. Sometimes there is only so much to be said about a subject. He Has a great name for a book but unless he includes life experiences and some romance he can’t see it being much more. he thinks the answer for me in this instance is to write what He was thinking. Then while editing you always think of more to add. As a final step if he still didn’t have enough quality material put it on the back burner and over time write some blog posts on the subject. Sooner or later he’d be able to publish a completed book.

If you write a short book and want to give it any creditability also publish it as a paperback and consider releasing it as a audio book as well. Most publishers say that sales are usually split pretty evenly between how many ebooks, paperbacks, and audio books, each being about 1/3. So if you only give people one option you will be losing out on sales! Note: The shorter a book the less it will cost to convert to an audio book, because they charge hourly.

Producing Audio books:

Joe is a huge fan of audio books he can play them in the car (his favorite) or while you are doing something at home like cooking. Audio books can make a huge difference in sales. An average novel will take about 8.5 hours to convert to audio, Costs are between $100 – $500 per hour, pretty pricy! At $200 per hour it may be well worth taking the pay out and getting a larger commission and the other option is a split where the voice actor works on a commission and takes 1/2 the royalties but you pay nothing upfront, you will lose 1/2 the money to be made as well! Note the person doing the audio book in this case only gets 50% of the commission on the audio books, and not when it’s sold in other formats. Neither the less, that’s the option Joe took with his first book. Doing an audio book makes it available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, huge audiences, and growing all the time!

The key to fast production:

Using Post-It’s

Some say it really helps using post-it’s for chapters and different colors for sub chapters then sub, sub chapters. Move them around on a story board and set it up in the order they will write it. Joe finds it easier to jump into a word doc, pick a title of a chapter and do all the sub-chapters as he goes every few paragraphs pick the best words to describe what he’s talking about. This works for him!

Working creatively:

Now someone else came up with an idea that Joe really liked for the story board which is once you are ready grab a recorder and just start talking, spew out all the content you want in the book and either transcribe it to computer later or have someone else type it for you giving you a basic head start. Then, go in and do some editing, adding and subtracting until you have a finished product.

You can also do basic editing and another round recording. Do basic editing and do another recording stating what you want changed where, how, and what, you want added. Rinse and repeat until the book is perfect. Providing you have someone, who’s faster do the typing for you saving you time and money.  For Joe that’s just about everybody!

Joe suggests a young English major, he has seen their speed while on their phones. Using this method he could totally see someone with knowledge creating several books per month or at least 12 per year. The books may even be better quality books than writing the old fashion way, but there would be the expense of the typist. Food for thought!

Joe’s thoughts:

Joe likes the idea of using visual aids, audio and an assistant to write books, he believes it would be much quicker while it’s still all your own material. He says that’s his favorite and one he will be using it in the future.  After this book, he  will be producing other books, blogs and courses, and working on other projects. The information will be on the website or social media. (All web addresses located in the back of this book).

(Benefits of writing a book)

The benefits are:

  1. You can take approximately 30 – 60 days to create a book or course and profit from your work over and over, unlike an hourly job!
  2. If you are restricted on time you can write slowly and take a year or more as long as you don’t
  3. just shelve it and forget about.
  4. You can create other books/projects while you are profiting from finished books/projects.
  5. If you hit a creators block – which by the way, isn’t real, you can work on another project until your thoughts are collective or creative again.
  6. You can start making some passive money each month.
  7. With good promotion, you will get to the point you no longer require a (REAL) job.
  8. If you get laid off or get sick you will still have an income.
  9. There are many different ways to create and promote your work.
  10. You can work on your time and at your pace. (Not many jobs allow for that).
  11. With multiple books, you can become an authority on a subject.
  12. You can work into lectures, keynote speeches, and conferences.
  13. Having several books published will increase your social media following.
  14. Writing can make you financially independent.
  15. You can become somewhat famous if you’re into that sort of thing.
  16.  If you read the chapter on blogging you will learn there are several ways you can promote and earn extra money.
  17. If you’re smart you will make more on anything you ever do afterward because of promoting your websites and social media in the back of the book and promoting what you offer on those websites and social media.
  18. Paid sponsors. Branding deals, Product placements, Mentions…
  19. If you work hard enough you could be considered an expert and an influencer in an industry, a topic or several industries.

Notes: They say the first step in writing a book, is to actually write the book. You’ll never make it happen by talking about it! Finishing a book is a great accomplishment! The trick is to set some time for writing and do it daily, no exceptions. Working on a second project when you have one of those days where you think I just need a break, this will help. You can be creative with something totally different and come back to the project fresh while not really losing production time, you are getting ahead on another project!


Joe says: If you make a leap… Jump! If you jump, do it enthusiastically! That way if you miss the tree branch you were reaching for on the way up, maybe you’ll get lucky and catch it on the way back down. That’s enthusiasm!

Writing woes and wins:

Joe chose chapter titles for the first book because he pretty much knew the all the content and could write without too many hours of new research. It was still really hard. FYI 50,000 words a month yields you 1 decent sized new book every month or 2 months, or at least 6 per year without really trying.  Those are results that you can make money with. Realistically At 2500 words per day one should produce 75,000 words per month but almost everyone needs a break and you have to have days just for editing.

I hope you enjoyed this preview I hope the complete book which is finished but not yet edited will be released before the end of the year. I am currently working on building my social media back up and on creating material for the course that will follow the book release. If you enjoyed or found value in this chapter please like share and comment. Thank you for your time!

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