The Benefits Of Writing!

This is a FREE Preview of my up coming book. Rule # 1 Never underestimate an opportunity when you have one! The benefits of writing are many… An extra $100.00 or more per month (per book) sounds good and it is realistic! (Imagine getting paid, for work you have already finished). Excuse me; I was wondering if you would pay me again, for the last month’s work I did? That’s never going to happen with a regular job!

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The limo industry – using your competition – Build Credit FAST!

This is one of the first videos I did when I restarted on Youtube one day I will either have it transcribed or remake it. There are a lot on dead spots, um’s and ah’s but there is also some valuable information on the video as well I’m posting it and it’s up to you if you want to watch or wait for a newer version later.

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