Second Hand Store

OK, they are much the same as thrift stores or pawnshops but could include record stores, used books, used rental equipment, used computers, used anything. In hard times if someone can’t buy an item new, getting it fixed is too expensive or it is unfixable people will resort to second hand stores.

These stores do better in tough times than in good times and not many businesses fail during good times. Second hand stores could include furniture, plumbing fixtures, salvageable wood products, kitchen appliances, farm equipment or anything else. You can specialize in one thing and people will come for that purpose or you could just say second hand store and make people walk in to see what you offer. A window display that changes often would really help draw people in.

You could have one section for furniture one for music, on for kitchen stuff, one for household goods, one for sports and on and on… If there are 70,000 different types of plugs, spark plugs, electrical, hair plugs, sink plugs, butt plugs. Out of 70,000 options why would you only offer one? OK maybe butt plugs was a bad example for a second hand store but you got the meaning. How many types of phones are there, I bet if you go back to the hand cranked phones at least 1,000 but you wouldn’t just want to be a used phone store when you could be so much more. Would you?

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