Repossession Services:

Repossession Services:

Sadly yes a repossession service will always thrive at least until the banks and bankers have taken everything of value from every person on earth and I am confident that will happen one day. I am also confident that it will happen soon after if not within my lifetime. Think of life as a giant game of monopoly, some have it figured out and will always prosper (The banks). They basically made the rules! Some will survive for a while until the debt buries them (some people and  the corporations). The rest just end up going bankrupt, if they have any debt or didn’t save enough cash to pay taxes on what they own outright. Isn’t it comforting to know your will never own your house or land no matter how much you pay because the government will keep charging you more taxes until death tears you apart. Then they go after your loved ones!

There is not a fraction of the physical money needed to pay back what is owed and that’s without interest. If money becomes worthless how do you pay your taxes. The government could end up with 90% of what the banks don’t take in a crisis.

I don’t see this as anybody’s fault, some people were just given an unfair advantage. Most don’t realize the decks were stacked against them years before they were born, and some will never figure it out. If you want to prosper, and don’t want to loose your stuff then the only advice I can give you is stay out of debt, save for bad times and live well within your means. It should be that when you retire you stop paying taxes but here they tax you even after you expire!

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