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Much the same as auto repair any shop repairing anything will be in high demand in tough times. Even in our throw away disposable society, as discussing as those words are people will start taking care of things and trying to get the most from them. It will be difficult because the craftsmanship and quality of what you buy today is generally crap to begin with but from computers, cell phones and any appliance you can bet people will be looking to fix it if they can no longer afford to just replace it.

You can bet those who can’t afford to fix a computer but have to have it for a business that can’t be converted back to paper will either go out of business or just not start until they raise the funds to get a computer somehow. This can be extended to lawnmowers, snow blowers shovels, hammers and anything else that can be fixed. If there is a need people will require the service. You can learn some of these things yourself by watching Youtube videos of how to fix stuff while you still have internet. I will confess Youtube is GOD you can learn anything on the platform. By repurposing objects or fixing something broken you can learn a lot of skills of value now and in the future.

I have a friend who always has nice new stuff for 2 reasons. 1) he takes very good care of his stuff and 2) He is always finding / buying broken run down stuff which he fixes and sells. Fix and sell 3 tools then go buy a brand new one for yourself. No one knows how to fix a leaking pipe until they do it!

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