Pizza Parlors

I do not know for a fact but I have always been told that there are huge profits to be made in pizza and in the sub business. With rising food prices it’s hard to imagine that’s still true today, but when you factor in the difference between frozen pizza’s and pizza parlor pizza the difference in cost is usually $15.00 and I can’t see it costing that much to heat up a pizza! You also have to take in to consideration frozen pizzas are made via mass production further lowering costs. Let’s say all in it costs a pizza parlor $10 to make a $20 pizza. That’s a huge mark up on restaurant business! It’s also almost completely a cash business, less so today than 20 or 30 years ago but that can be blamed on the big chains wanting to capitalize on the larger market without factoring in the extra expense of credit card processing.

I have worked in a few pizza parlors in my day, they also had a lounge/night club. It’s where I started my career as a disc jockey. I witnessed some strange events happening at a few of these places. One owner got busted for selling cocaine from the establishment and another for running prostitutes. Most criminals love cash businesses, which is why I thought it would be a hot topic. Sometimes when your robbing Peter to pay Paul, it’s more about cash flow than net worth. That becomes even more evident should the economy dip and you have extended credit commitments.  In a mafia movie it was the taxi stand where all the illegal stuff happened.  In the TV show about the mob it was a strip club but no matter how you slice it cash businesses have it’s advantages. It’s a way of laundering dirty money from illegal to legit, not that you needed to know that, I’m sure!

Between the different jobs I have done over the years there is not much I haven’t experienced in real life. Strangely being on the straight and narrow I still felt I lived a sheltered life. After all the street thugs referred to me as a square (meaning not hip to their actions). I don’t know how square I was, I knew what was going on, I just turned a blind eye to it, it wasn’t hurting me any, therefore none of my business. I had been robbed at gun point and another attempted with a knife, that didn’t work out so well for him. I have been in a establishment at the time of a drive by shooting and had a guy die on the hood of my car. (No I didn’t kill him). It’s was a murder I once witnessed. (more details in my book) These are not special events and I was not given a front row ticket, they are real events going on in big and small cities all over, even when it never makes the news, because you would be shocked how much never gets reported! To see this stuff as it unfolds live, all you have to do is work as a public servant on night shift long enough.

As you can tell when it comes to the inner working of a pizza parlor I’m not well versed, I didn’t work production or management but I’m sure I saw what a lot of the regular workers had no clue was going on.

Bonus Idea for a restaurant:

If you have a bar/restaurant, the food is good, the bar is doing fine and you don’t want to shake things up and rock the boat. You have 2 trains of thought first that you should lay off some kitchen staff. The second is to add a pizza oven to the kitchen and buy 2 delivery cars to park behind the establishment. The first car is all decked out with advertisement for Joe’s deep fried chicken (Delivery Only). Something you would be adding as a delivery item only. The second car decked out with more advertisement, Joe’s oven hot pizza… For the cost of 2 used cars some decaling, a pizza oven a couple of new phone lines and menus you can increase your profits with the same amount of lease payments and wages!

* Did I mention that delivery cars with roof lights / advertising also get noticed! I don’t think I’d actually open a pizza parlor, I’d be more open to a sub shop idea but the addition of fried chicken and/or pizza is something I would deeply consider as a restaurant/bar owner for sure. If you bar drops in popularity as they do. It would be hard to figure why that would still be happening today, with all the free forms of advertising available now. The extra revenue would come in handy. The same goes for a restaurant I’ve seen some of the most popular restaurants die over night, sometimes without explanation.

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