Photography is a great skill to have, to be able to create the exact photo in the style you were thinking for a book, course, advertisement or project you are working on, or to be able to convey exactly the image you are looking for to a photographer! It’s a largely cash business with a lot of competition so you not only need to have the knowledge but the skill and be able to master the any challenge on demand. It can be a lot like when you’re a comic and someone says say something funny which is when your mind goes totally blank. It can be fun, relaxing and stressful depending what you offer in your services.

There are a thousand different ways to make money as a photographer! I took photography, bought all the equipment, opened a business and got really busy with my other businesses so for many years it became a very expensive, but relaxing hobby. Would I, have not done it, if I could hit the rewind button? Not a chance, in fact I’d take refresher course tomorrow. I love photography! I love it enough to open a part time business doing it and to write 4 books on the subject. What’s really cool is I have outlined a course I am putting together for photographers but they won’t be available for a while. Prior commitments! They will be very informative and helpful for everyone from the beginner to the pro. What’s even more exciting is the platform I want to use to sell the courses.

I’m not going to announce it and have someone beat me to the market but I don’t believe this service has ever been offered on this platform before and if it has, not for many years. There are so many different types and styles of photography many great photographers are often referred to as artists. Once you hit that status it’s hard for others to compete. While many photographers are admired they never hit that ultimate plateau. This is usually reserved to those who have devoted their life sharing their greatness with others and the truly gifted. I will go into much greater details in my photography books.

Most photographers dabble in many different types of photography and some even make money at and excel in a few of them. At the end of the day, there is usually one form of photography a photographer will be well known for and make a living from. Oddly sometimes photographers say this is the one thing they don’t really enjoy compared to the rest of their interests. Maybe because one’s relaxing and a hobby or extra income where as the main style is more like a steady job.

Nevertheless, they will still tell you they love photography and everything it has done for them. You might really like nature but becoming a nature photographer will open your eyes with a whole new way of looking at the world. Just like every photographer I know what I like and it’s exploring many different styles of photography but what I’m really good at and came naturally to me is something I really love. Night photography, long exposure and painting with light. As luck would have it they all fit together. What I have made the most cash will, like most photographers is portraits but my night and artistic photos have a much greater value!

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