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It’s not my business to say but people are always dying. In good times and bad. It’s a morbid subject but for those with a stomach for it, there is big rewards! In good times we are faced with a older population and in tough times especially a depression many commit suicide which spikes the business from time to time. The rest is sickness and accidents.

Pretty basic but also interesting in it’s own right. As a limo company we catered many funerals and as a driver you couldn’t be answering your phone, you had to keep a somber look, you couldn’t be all smiley knowing the people are grieving. My old boss said he could never drive after buying his own limo because he said it’s pretty hard not to smile and be happy when you’re making $100 – $150 an hour, even if it was because of their loss. Don’t get me wrong the people in this industry are special and very professional but it’s a very profitable niche. Not everyone is cut out for it.

I have heard of many people looking for partners and funding for many different business ideas. I am yet to even ever hear of someone asking for a partner in a mortuary. I figure that’s because it’s usually a family business, or the banks can smell the money and are free willing to finance the venture.  I’d rather work in this profession helping people in their time of need instead of working in debt collection or repossession, those are things I couldn’t do and be able to sleep at night. Just saying!

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