Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores will always prosper unless people are forced to leave their homes to look for work or find a new place to live such as what happens during a depression. When I put it like that it makes me wonder what have they gotten me hooked on I couldn’t just get from a farm. What’s in that trash? I’d love to live on a farm again.

Nevertheless I’m pretty sure even with a homestead and year round heated greenhouse, I’ll still be seeking a grocery store for those pre-made products. I have a pop addiction and haven’t been able to grow my own soda pop, or at least not yet! I’ve also never found taco seeds! I love grocery stores because they offer many products I consume that can’t be grown or raised. I hate these stores because they offer so much of what we don’t actually need and prices are ever rising.

Over all I think a rural or small town grocery store is a good investment. Why did I say small town or rural because you can generally charge a little more than the big city and because, if there is a major crisis, event or depression people will be leaving the city and venturing to a lower populated areas where they have a better chance of survival. Also because in the case of an emergency a city store will be flooded with panic stricken people who will empty all the shelves very quickly, maybe even breaking in and looting if you close the doors. This type of situation is hard to control.

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