Flea Markets & Farmer Markets

Farmers market & Flea Markets

 I have a lot of flea market experience and have sold many products there both new and used. I have made good money at the flea market and also had months where it was little more than a waste of time. I have also noticed the longer you frequent a market with the same products the less you make until it just isn’t worth the effort any more. Two ideas I have for the future are to offer signed books and courses, I’ve produced at one table run by a hired employee the second to rent out an area where you could set up a high key studio and do photos on the spot + have an assistant organize the people and sell some of your larger prints you have for sale. For this to be profitable I believe I’d have to move from one location  to another as with any other items I sold.

I have also seen where photographers will setup week after week selling only 8 x 12 prints without frames. Either way I’d do it different! With the courses and books I’d have an infomercial style ad/ads running on a tv with volume up to sell the books and courses or increase sales. With the photography prints large or small I’d have video footage showing the prints for sale. With 8 x 12 there would be so many and they would keep changing weekly, you would be forever edit and redoing the video.

With bigger wall prints you could show much more than you have in stock and sell even what you didn’t bring! With the photo booth concept, I’d have a video camera setup hooked to a monitor so people could see what was going on as they walked by. Either way, I’d be drawing attention and making people consider the options. You’ve been there, where you enter a place and notice a crowd in one corner of a room. Human nature says, I wonder what the big attraction over there is? 99% will head for the crowd and not away to avoid it.

The farmers market, if you have no other way of marketing besides the farmers market, it’s an option and you can charge higher prices than a flea market. I think a roadside stand could work just as well and with less lugging or expense. I think offering regular farm visits/tours and hosting events is a great way of increasing awareness and sales as well. Being constant on social media and sharing Youtube videos can grow your operation faster than anything. It depends how long you have been doing the farm/homestead thing and what your goals are but if your still at the farmers market 20 years later, you are doing something wrong unless… You own and run the market or keep going because you enjoy the interaction with the people more than the actual sales.

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