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Farm, farmers, and farmers daughters, bless them all! Now get your mind out of the gutter and I will continue. Everyone knows farmers have it hard and that industrial farming has taken over. Farming has always been tough because, that is the life but you can produce everything you need to live for years from a farm. Most people have gone away from it because there are easier ways to make a living but a farm will be producing long after the grocery store shelves are empty and that’s a fact. Big corporations are always inducing meat with chemicals to try and get them to gain faster or screwing with crops to yield more and not be effected by insects and such.

As a result we are being poisoned and killed of at horrendous rates. I believe as a cancer victim myself, the food we eat, the air we breath and the water we drink are all poisoned with cancer causing agents because of corporate greed, governments allow it because it’s where most of their contributions comes from at election time. A government is nothing more than a large corporation itself! When you enter any town or city it will say welcome to: Incorporated in such and such a date. The federal government is no different, it’s a large corporation, for sale, for profit! We have been sold out, for this reason people are starting to return to farming. Too have more control over what they eat, their life and chance for survival. To be better prepared for bad times and despite it being a tough lifestyle some are more than willing to endure it.

I once lived on a small farm with no running water, plumbing, phone, or heating. We had a woodstove and my god was the food cooked/baked on or in that stove was awesome! We had a potbelly stove (heater), an outhouse, a garden and a root cellar. We had chickens, sheep, cows and horses. It was located so far back in the woods you almost had to come out towards civilization to hunt! It was the best time of my life, I’ll never understand why we got away from that lifestyle. I have said for over 40 years I wish I could return to the farm.

It’s gone now, no one has lived there for over 50 years the land has been returned to nature. You could likely buy it for the back taxes owed on the property. I am now 56 and wish I had the money to make it operational and hire the help I would need to keep it going. But then I think 5 – 10 years to really make it profitable and how much longer do I really want to work? If I had the money I would buy a piece of land and have 2 year round green houses one to grow veggies year round and the second as a tropical greenhouse providing me with fresh fruits. I’d have a few cows, alpacas, a few horses, a buggy, chickens and I’d breed pigs for a multitude of reasons. If money were no object or if I was younger with better health that would be my first choice. To live as the first settlers did but with a few modern conveniences and internet of course! Don’t be silly everyone needs the internet these days!

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