Do You Remember When…The Old Drive In Restaurants with the servers on roller skates?

There is no doubt about it. The 50s and 60s had the best music, coolest cars, the best economy, and loads of good times. There is just no way anyone can argue the facts no matter your age! I was born in the early 60s but it seems I just missed my calling! By the time I reached my teens, it seemed things were changing rapidly and not for the better.

The best of the best was making way for new but not improved anything. The muscle cars were dying, the music was different, inflation was out of control and even most of the drive-in restaurants, the arcades, pool halls, roller rinks, and bowling allies had all but disappeared. Those that didn’t change went the way of the drive-in movies and were no longer profitable. It was very sad but I do remember the good times from my childhood. It’s too bad I wasn’t old enough to really savor the flavor.

I remember in the 70s there was one old style A&W in Forest Lawn in Calgary and people came from all over the city to that location. They no longer wore the roller skates but you did order from the car and the brought your food on the trays and hooked them to the window. Turn your headlights on and they would come and collect the trays before you left. By 1980 the franchise forced them to renovate. Corporate head office flexed its muscle and left the owners with just another crappy franchise.

Around 2000 a couple of old-style dinners showed up. They had the big checker tiles and red & white retro style interiors, they were nice and the food was good I believe it was a USA Franchise but they didn’t have the drive in available and the novelty died quickly. It’s too bad because like I said they were nice and had good food.

When I Moved to Nova Scotia there was an ice cream/burger place, Tasty Treat that had been around since I was a kid. They Had good food, a good clientele and they had 3 locations one by my old house they tore down. One not far from there that was busy like you wouldn’t believe. That location was the one I had my eye on, it was for sale cheap. I was interested if you could have fixed it up and made it into a retro drive-in. The third location was at the mall and just a box store type of modern model and they wanted a fortune for it.

Upon closer inspection The location I was interested in was really run down, they didn’t take care of it in recent years. It was landlocked and no room to expand and create what I was interested in. Once again too bad so sad, but if I ever see the right opportunity and have the funding I’ll make my dream a reality and hope there are still people who can enjoy it for what it is. A retro thing of beauty and something that represents the past in this ever-changing world.

There is no shortage of classic cars here and I was a disc jockey in the 80s being a retro guy I believe I have every song produced during the 50s & 60s so maybe I’m just a winning lottery ticket or a wealthy investor away from making my childhood dreams a reality. I believe a drive-in restaurant/burger joint would be a cash cow however the people who would have valued a venture like this are getting fewer by the week.

We are an aging population Since most of the readers and YouTube watchers will be much younger than I. Why don’t you take a moment and tell me your thoughts in the comments below, is my dream too late coming to the party or do you think it would be popular even today?

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