Divorce Law Firms

I could have said law firms because people with lots of money will need advice and people losing everything will also need advice. If you grow your business almost to the size of needing a lawyer couldn’t you hire one and take on outside clients effectively making you a law firm without being a lawyer? I don’t know I’m asking because if I was spending enough on legal fees I believe this would be a route I’d think about.

Hire one or two law students or someone with some experience leaving another firm and place them into their own space with a paralegal and assistances. Open as a law firm which is open the same as any other law firm and they can free to take on clients when not required to work for your company. It would be like having an in house lawyers and a independent law firm in one. I’ve never been married but I’d probably look for a divorce lawyer so he/she could practice should I need them in the future.

Back to the divorce lawyer thing, why did I chose that heading? Because in a recession or depression average people lose money, many everything they ever had. It is in times like this you find out where you stand in life and many will file for divorce. It is the one sector of any law firm that will make the most money during hard times.

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