Blogging Made Easy

A Complete Step By Step Guide

Do your research!

Getting it down on paper

  • You can spend the time and actually write the article yourself.
  • You can do a Youtube video and have it transcribed. (Easy Peasy)
  • You could do a podcast and again have it transcribed. (Easy Peasy)
  • If you do a video/podcast and have it transcribed it’s still your material!

Important Tips!

  • If you do a video or podcast you can embed it in the bottom of a post and give the visitor a choice of how they want to consume the material.
  • Even if you provide these options they need to be transcribed because search engines do not index video or audio!

Someone else’s work

  • You can find ghostwriters $$$
  • You can hire someone from $$$
  • You can ask for free guest posts
  • You can pay for guest posts $$$
  • Always check the quality and facts of guest posts!!!

Changing from a media to publishing company!

  • If you have a blog you are a media company and have a voice.
  • The more popular it is the more reach you have.
  • If you have a podcast which is expected to explode in 2019 you have the equivalency of a radio station if it’s popular.
  • Podcasts are the 2nd best advertising you can do.
  • If you have a really popular Youtube channel it could be as close to TV as you will ever get.
  • They say by 2020 Video will be the # 1-way people consume all info. Educational, Entertainment, Informational.
  • It will be the way things get shared. # 1 way to advertise,today!

Contest Giveaways!

USB Memory Sticks (with logo)

Ball Hats

T-shirts/golf shirts


People love FREE stuff.

Localized Advertising:

  • Automobiles
  • Wear clothes that advertise what you want to promote!
  • Sent the kids to school or out to play wearing your advertising
  • Rear Window advertising
  • Rooftop Advertising
  • T-shirts (giveaways) at events
  • Ball Hats (giveaways) at events
  • Autographed copies of books at speaking engagements
  • Posters at book signings or public speaking engagements.

Best Global Advertising

  • Social Media
  • Cost Per Click Advertising
  • Offer an affiliate program
  • Guest blogging
  • Best FREE promotion
  • Youtube – Videos
  • Weekly podcasts – Podcasts
  • If you advertise in your books and courses they can make it around the globe.


  • Blogging down to these things:
  • Being creative,
  • Unique,
  • Original
  • Professional
  • Capture the attention of the audience
  • Being a leader, not a follower
  • Being original,
  • Do not plagiarize (steal) material
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Being different
  • Being seen
  • Being Heard
  • Getting your message out there
  • Making a lasting impression
  • Being remembered
  • Doing all of this as cheaply as you can It doesn’t matter how big you are, it how people think you are!

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