About Gary


Gary was self-employed and worked as a sub-contractor most of his life. He has explored, managed and owned several businesses. He has just completed his first book about business & marketing online/offline. He is currently working on building his social media back up and he is also working on a follow-up course that will be released shortly after the book. (Later this year)


He has plans for a second book and course on business as time progresses but he also wants to get his photography business going again. He has plans to launch a second Youtube channel for photography, 4 books on the subject Photography for beginners, Intermediate Photography, Advanced Photography, Advanced Lighting Techniques. He also plans a couple of courses which will teach people how to do several different types of photography. His Photography website, (still under construction) is http://howtomasterphotography.com/ A SSL certificate will be added to the photography site when it goes live!

Other Goals

The main problem Gary has like everyone else is, so little time and so much to do. He really loves writing and wants books/courses to be a big part of his life going forward but he can’t ignore his lifetime passion for photography any longer. Even if he has to find a few volunteers or hire someone through this startup phase of his 5-year plan he is determined to make it work.

Speaking Engagements:

Gary will be available for interviews & speaking engagements soon after his book release to share his life, business, & marketing experience. When this option becomes available the contact information will be available (here).

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